Precast Walls

Precast concrete and stone walls provide a cost effective alternate method of construction to home owners and the building industry, combining structural durability and the unique character of stone.

Two forms of precast walls

Alcock Stone's prefabricated wall solutions come in two forms:

  1. Self-supporting wall panels, which can be used for standalone installation or as a retaining wall
  2. Wall panels for attaching to a new or existing structures.

The distinctive value of our precast walls is made possible by our alternative construction method, with off-site manufacturing and delivery of the completed panels, ready for efficient installation. Panels and backing walls can also be manufactured on-site if preferred.

For those who love the aesthetics of stone walls, our unique stone casting system and innovative designs capture the natural colour and character of stone, whilst offering the time and cost efficiencies of prefabrication.

All our walls and walling panels are constructed to engineer specifications and can be tailored to meet the requirements of your particular project. Browse the gallery below to see how precast wall panels are used in house construction, from the craning in of the concrete and stone panels to the final completed home in Kanoona, near Bega on NSW South Coast.

The benefits of precast walls

Alcock Stone precast walls offer numerous benefits in construction and landscaping, unmatched by traditional brick or stone walls. 

  • Reduced on-site costs and shorter construction times deliver cost effectiveness
  • Shorter construction times
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and with high resistance to bushfires, floods and other external forces
  • High thermal mass and energy efficiency
  • Flexible – can be tailored to suit each project, and can be used for both housing walls and retaining walls
  • The aesthetic appeal and character of natural stone, with an extensive range of stone and finishes.

A well-designed precast panel home will out-perform a conventional brick veneer home in durability.

Are you a builder, an architect or a home owner with questions about how precast walls could be used on your project? Call, email or send us an online message today.