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Kanoona Sandstone Panel House

Concrete Homes,Sandstone Homes,Feature Walls


Kanoona NSW


This stone home was constructed using Australian sandstone, laid in a bookleaf pattern. The home consists of four large concrete gable wall panels, ten sandstone panel walls, and one internal fireplace feature wall, also in sandstone. The gable walls have sawn cut detailing, demonstrating large block work. The scope of the works also included the construction of a concrete detached double garage with sawn cut detailing replicating the gable walls of the home.


The two very large concrete gable walls presented a challenge, weighing in at approx. 26 tonne each, and at 8 metres in height. With limited crane access, the walls appeared to be an unfeasible option for the clients.


Alcock Stone overcame this challenge by seamlessly splitting the wall panels into two manageable sizes, whilst detailing the joint to fall into the sawn cut block work. The wall panels were constructed on-site at ground level, minimising the need for scaffolding or elevated work platforms, and minimising the height risk.


The limited crane access and the large scale of the concrete gable walls did not compromise the quality or flow of the construction process. Completion of this project resulted in a beautiful Cotswold-inspired sandstone home, with the concrete walls ensuring it is also optimised for thermal and acoustic performance, as well as being fire resistant.