Stone Retaining Walls

In terms of landscaping design, cast stone walling creates a standout feature. You may choose to use natural precast stone retaining walls for a range of hard landscaping, including retaining walls, stone garden bed walls and edging, feature walls and more. 

About Precast Stone Retaining Walls

Our prefabricated stone retaining walls are a cost-effective and highly efficient product, whilst maintaining structural integrity and strength. With manufacturing being able to happen off-site, our production process is not impacted by poor weather conditions that typically cause delays to wall construction. 

Whilst the primary purposes of retaining walls in landscaping are to prevent soil erosion and control surface water runoff, they are also a wonderful way to enhance the look and feel of your property. The beauty of the natural stone walls in themselves add immediate structure, character and street appeal, and can also be used to create garden beds or terraced levels through the garden for planting or different uses, such as al fresco dining areas, play areas, lawn and kitchen gardens. Following the stone look through to steps, driveway entrances, mailbox, pergola supports and more helps the garden and grounds feel unified.

From excavation to installation

Alcock Stone provide a complete end-to-end service for your stone retaining walls. Once the specifications, finish and costs of your wall have been agreed, our professional team take care of the necessary excavation prior to wall construction. 

Installation of the precast wall and stone panels is quick and easy, thanks to the off-site tilt panel construction process and our top quality crane truck. This is particularly beneficial for sites with limited access or projects on a tight timeline.

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