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Tanta Precast Stone House

Basalt Homes


Tantawangalo NSW


This stone home was constructed from Australian sourced basalt, laid in a natural and nonsystematic pattern. This project consisted of 12 tilt panel stone walls in total. The wall panels were manufactured on-site, before being attached to a conventional timber frame.


Restricted site access was a challenge. The array of services requiring on-site access and space placed extra demands and limitations on the project.


The construction of the wall panels was done on-site prior to the building process starting, and were made from a designated point. This process meant that the building site was left vacant when the construction commenced, allowing incoming trades greater access.

What’s more, these wall panels were constructed at ground level and as such, extensive scaffolding around the building was not required which saved some costs.


Our panels were also constructed and erected in a way which did not impede on the rest of the project. The result was a seamless flow of construction, and a beautiful, high quality end product. Not only does the home have the aesthetic appeal of natural stone craftsmanship, it also has excellent structural integrity, optimal thermal and acoustic performance, and it is also fire resistant.