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Candelo Precast Concrete House

Concrete Homes


Candelo, NSW


This panel home was constructed using 26 precast concrete wall panels which varied in size. Each panel consisted of a 75mm insulation layer, sandwiched between a structural internal wall (150mm thick) and an external concrete wall (70mm thick). This form of concrete construction eliminated the need for traditional timber frame and gyprock. Tolerances and placement of cast-in hardware were facilitated with precision. It was essential to allow for electrical and plumbing services, which were all cast into the structural concrete walls.


One of the key challenges of this project was the restricted site access.


The walls were constructed onsite with multiple panels poured on top of each other. This method optimised the site space and enabled crane movements within the restricted site area. The home was constructed by assembling the completed wall panels into their final positions.


Our precision and adaptability ensured smooth construction within the limited site space. The end result is one of lasting quality. The panel home has optimal thermal and acoustic performance, as well as being a fire resistant construction.